viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

MIN HAMETZAR por Neshama Carlebach


Vayehi bayom hashlishi,
bih'yot haboker
vayehi (re'amim) u'vrakim

Ve'anan kaved al hahar,
vekol shofar chazak meod

Va'yecherad kol ha'am

Min hametzar karati H',
anani bamerchav H'

Shma koleinu Hashem Elokeinu,
av harachaman rachem aleinu

Vekabel berachamim uveratzon et t'filateinu,
ki ata shome'a t'filot kol peh


And it was on the third day as morning downed

There was thunder and lightning.

And a heavy dark cloud was on the mountain

And the sound of the shofar was very strong.

And the nation trembled.

From the depths I called upon God.

God answered me from His heights.

Hear our voice, Hashem, our God.

Father of compassion have compassion on us.

And accept our prayer with kindness and good wil

For it is You who hears the prayers of every mouth

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