domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

YA'ALEH V'YAVO canción para JANUCA

Interpretado por MIAMI BOYS CHOIR, de su álbum HANUKA

v'yagiyah v'yera'eh v'yeratzeh
v'yishama v'yipakeir v'yizajeir
zijroneinu u'fikdoneinu
v'zijron avoseinu.

V'zijron Mesiaj ben David avdeja
v'zijrom Yerusalayim ir kodsheja
v'zijron kol amja
beis Yisrael
lefaneja lifleita letova.

approach and reach
be seen, favoured and heard,
noticed and remembered,
the thought and memory of us
and of our ancestors.

And the memory of the Messiah,
tjhe son of Your servant David
and of Jerusalem, your holy city,
and of entire people,
the House of Israel
before you for deliverance and for good.

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